LETTER: Dallastown must 'think out of the box'


The Dallastown school board wasted $60 million of the taxpayer’s money building the Intermediate School. This was done solely to reduce the number of students in each classroom. The teacher’s union wants no more than seventeen students per classroom as opposed to the thirty-two students per classroom when I went to Dallastown. Why? They want to do less work for more money and strengthen their union by hiring more teachers. They got salary increases when the school board gave them a five-year contract with a 7.25 percent pay increase. Their average salary is over $85,000.

Graduates gather in the gymnasium before the Dallastown Area High School commencement ceremony at the school in York Township, Friday, June 8, 2018. Dawn J. Sagert photo

The school board appointed a committee to study the Loganville Elementary School. At least one committee member has admitted to me that his wife is in the teacher’s union. He drives a truck for a snack food company in York which infinitely qualifies him to make decisions on building construction. Just like the school board, all the people appointed to the building committees have ties to the teacher’s union. Now they want to spend another $30 million to increase the size Loganville Elementary School. Again, this is to reduce the teacher to student ratio from 1:32 to 1:17. After they finish this they are going to the Leaders Heights Elementary School and do the same thing.

The school board will do this with every school in the system until the teacher’s union has their desired 1:17 ratio. With the district already over $100 million in debt, just how much more does the school board and the teachers union think taxpayers in the district can take? The answer is this, they don’t care.

This won’t stop until the taxpayers organize into a committee and sue the school board for the debt and the teacher’s union for their four century old teaching methodology. Think outside the box!


Jacobus Borough