LETTER: U.S. government actions cruel


We Americans are witnessing an astonishing demonstration of intentional cruelty by our government. Trump and Sessions and Nielsen are proud of inflicting mean and horrible pain on children and infants - pulling them forcefully from their parents arms - as an example to other immigrants of how horrible their lives might be if they try to "infest" our country by entering.

Too many of us are silent, and some are cheering!! As if we were watching wild animals devouring Christian in ancient Rome!!

Germany and Italians did this too during World War II. And, later, in Lybia under Gdaffi. Eventually, those cruel people were dealt with: Musselini was hung by his heels, beaten to death; Hitler killed himself to avoid that same fate; and Gdaffi was pulled from his hiding place in a sewer and killed.

Cruel people invite retaliation. If we are cruel to these migrants, we deserve the same.

My son, who once was a Border Patrol agent, eventually quit - like many others - because he quickly understood that very few who come to our border are criminal drug smugglers. Instead, he said "they are just hungry, desperate people, looking for a job."

They are not insects or rats who come to "infest" our land - no more so than the Irish, Italian, German, Chinese, Vietnamese, Egyptian and Indian migrants who arrived - long before the cruelty of Trump, who makes us look evil and sick.


Springettysbury Township