LETTER: Thank God for ‘brainless’ Wagner


As a counter argument to John Fishel’s opinion, I am writing in response to his editorial in the June 27edition of the York Dispatch. In that article he characterized Scott Wagner as a brainless person because he did not graduate from college while he characterizes Tom Wolf as a someone who just gushes with endless brain cells because he did graduate from college. He further announces that he is voting for Tom Wolf because Scott Wagner is brainless.

Let me remind everyone that Tom Wolf has put forth major tax increases during his tenure. Just to name a few, he promoted an agenda that called for a 20 percent increase in individual income taxes. Then he doubled down and called for a 10 percent increase in sales taxes. Numerous other tax increases were proposed which also would end with the taxpayers of this state paying much more to fund uncontrolled spending by Gov. Tom Wolf.

Thank God we have a brainless person like Scott Wagner, who is looking out for the interests of hard working taxpayers of this state. And guess what, Scott Wagner also proposed another brainless idea; Zero Based Budgeting, which means that all state spending would have to be justified from dollar one on up.

Let me ask the taxpayers of this commonwealth; would you prefer to have a brainy genius governor who would like to do nothing more than extract more money from your wallet, or would you like a brainless governor that holds our public servants and agencies accountable and will promote a culture in Harrisburg of fiscal responsibility?

I’m voting for the brainless one. He may not be textbook smart, but he certainly isn’t common sense deficient. In fact, when it comes to common sense, Scott Wagner is extremely gifted.


Jacobus Borough