LETTER: Pain and inhumane treatment at borders


None of this matters today – right, left, liberal, conservative, Democrat, Republican, Independent.

The events taking place at our border are of an America that is unrecognizable to many Americans. The pain and inhumane treatment that is experienced by children and parents from the government of the USA is unspeakable.

We love this country. As many Americans, I had family members serve in the military for love of the USA, but to sit by and say nothing about a rule broken by human beings fleeing countries where they're fearful for their lives and those of their children is beyond my comprehension.

The people of this county, this state, this America need to use their voices to condemn the practice of separating children from parents because of a rule broken. Not one of us has ever “ not broken a rule” in our lifetime but what is occurring now is beyond any understanding of what this country – we the people, stand for, and should allow as a punishment for a rule broken. United voices need to be heard through letters, phone calls to Congressmen, Twitter feeds, Facebook, etc. to demand a stop to this so called punishment or whatever this is being labeled.

A broken system needs repair but this is so far from a smart, efficient and humane way to repair our immigration system. For the love of God, this country, and human beings, please use your voices to put a stop to what is happening to children and families today at our southern border.


Springettsbury Township