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LETTER: GOP lawmakers need to grow up

York Dispatch

I have had it with these GOP redistricting tantrums.

The disrespect for our democracy is staggering. Is it not enough to draw districts to steal the majority of the seats with the minority of the votes? Is it not enough to block redistricting reform, then blame the lawsuit? Is it not enough to draw new maps in secret, without input from either constituents or other legislators? Is it not enough to request three weeks, fritter them away by defying court orders and trying to overturn the state constitution, then complain that inadequate time was given? Apparently not - now they want to impeach the judges who made the ruling.

This is a transparent power grab, and I am disgusted. Our system was designed with checks and balances for a reason. Courts cannot protect us if they cannot redress legislative abuse. And courts certainly cannot protect us if politicians can impeach them any time they rule against the legislature.

Nor do I for a second believe the claim that it's "really" because they "violated the Constitution" by creating a new map. We already have a system to determine if something violates the Constitution. It's called the courts. Somehow, I think their ruling here is made.

If this is the party of law and order? Respect it. And if this is the party of personal responsibility? Take some.


Lower Paxton Township