United Way of York County president steps down

LETTER: Perry silent on pivotal issues


Congressman Perry is the real farce...

Moments after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court released a redistricting map designed to level the political playing field statewide, Perry makes the front page of the newspaper, lashing out vehemently, labeling the court’s action a “farce” and warning “the next step is trampling over the US Constitution.”

Obviously, Perry has concerns that he may be required to actually win the votes of constituents in a fairly-drawn district.

Perry was not so “front page” when 14 children and 3 teachers were gunned down by another disturbed person with easy access to an AR-15.

Scott Perry was not so “front page” when Trump trampled the dreams of 800,000 DACA young persons, whose only desire is to be allowed to continue going to school, working, building families, and contributing to this country — for most, the only country they have ever known.

Perry was not so “front page” when the Republicans passed a tax plan for the American people calculated to add over $1 trillion to our national debt. A plan that constitutes a massive tax break for millionaires/billionaires at the future expense of everyone else.

Perry has not been so “front page” as President Donald Trump’s administration guts federal programs that protect our environment, the health of our children and protects our public lands.

Perry has not been so “front page” as over 100 Trump appointees have been unable to receive clean security background clearances. Perry is complicit by his silence and inaction.

Perry, who should be outraged at an administration that violates every aspect of the Soldier’s Code and the Army’s Core Values, remains too quiet, while embracing the far-right’s viewpoints and actions.

Sorry, Congressman Perry, your silence, and inaction, show you are the real farce.


Windsor Township