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LETTER: New maps may move political ideology to the middle


I am astonished but not surprised to hear Republican U.S. Rep. Scott Perry and Republican state Rep. Stan Saylor decry the newly redrawn congressional district maps.

Sure, up until now York County has been fortunate to be in one congressional district and that change will require some adjustment. Other counties in Pennsylvania have been divided for many decades so we can do it too.

Instead, the focus should be on the previous maps, which permitted Pennsylvania Republican leaders to design lines favoring them rather than making them more competitive.

Isn't true political competition what our democracy is all about? We should support efforts to enhance the healthy exchange of ideas rather than stacking the deck to favor one party or the other.

Politicians should vie for the average moderate voter like you and me. That might force them to come out of their ideological corners and meet in the middle where compromise and progress can be made.

We need to take this decision one step further by permanently instituting the change needed to completely remove district design from politicians of either party. As a member of the state house, Saylor should push bipartisan legislation like HB 722 to set up an independent commission so that we won't have to go through this again after the 2020 census.


Windsor Township