LETTER: Arm the teachers


Gun free zones in schools and other places do not seem to be working. Why not give teachers firearms and give them concealed carry permits — but only if they are OK with the concept? Did anyone notice we have not had an attempt to hijack an airline for 15 years since pilots were permitted to be armed?

I spent 16 years in law enforcement and having been shot at twice and stabbed once. I know that nothing can be done about crazy, drunk or drugged persons until they harm themselves or someone else. A law to eliminate and or stop the sale of assault weapons would be nice, but who with ill intent would turn in their weapons?

I have great grandchildren in grade and high schools and I would feel better if some percentage of their teachers were armed. I am not an NRA member but I like their saying “the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” Teachers would be first responders before professional first responders arrive. They are already in the schools and have the student’s safety in mind.


Conewago Township