LETTER: Trade 'thoughts and prayers' for real action


On Valentine's Day we had yet another school shooting — the 18th in 2018. This American tragedy does not exist in any other country. Why are we sending our children into a war zone? Practice drills, security cameras, bullet proof windows, metal detectors and locked doors are common equipment and practices in our schools. Will bullet proof vests become standard daily uniforms for our children? If America is indeed the greatest country on earth, why are we the only one that continues to have a gun violence problem?

Our elected officials seem to be unable to offer us anything but thoughts and prayers. Congressman Scott Perry tweeted on Wednesday: “Florida — My heart and prayers are with you!” These are empty words if they are not followed up with real action to fix this near and present danger in our country. The answer is not more school security or practice drills. The solution is in laws to keep guns from people with mental illness and PFAs, closing gun purchase loopholes, making background checks uniform throughout the country, and increased training for those that purchase guns. We also need stronger penalties for improper storage of firearms by gun-owning parents.

The time is now to hold our elected officials accountable for the bloodshed that is happening in our schools, churches, concert halls, and shopping malls. Vote out anyone that will not act to pass stricter gun laws. Vote for candidates that promise to make changes and hold them accountable if they break those promises.


Newberry Township