LETTER: Re-elect Gov. Tom Wolf


In two months, this writer will be 89 years young, living her entire life a few blocks from Gov. Tom Wolf, where we both inhabit homes occupied by family for several generations before. The Tom Wolf family still exudes the qualities of honesty, intelligence, and helping others, thinking and making life better for the good of all, including our State and Nation. Tom Wolf is a great Governor, few compare.

How many know today what the GOLDEN RULE or LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS OURSELVES are really trying to teach? Here is an important thought for all —find truth instead of fake news, not to be an egotist but to think and do, to make lives better. To be loving, kind, and turn negatives into positivism. You will feel better and so will others.

This comes from a former Republican, converted to a dedicated, truthful, educated citizen who knows we all come into this world the same and leave the same, taking only knowledge. Affluence is not the greatest achievement, but can be our biggest problem. It is what we do while on this planet that matters, when we try to do what is best for others, including humans, animals, and Mother Nature.


Mount Wolf Borough