LETTER: A question on debt for Ryan


For most of my life I've believed that America was on the side of the angels, that our democratically elected government tried to foster peace and good will and human rights in its dealings with other nations. In a recent bombing by the Saudis of a funeral gathering in Yemen that killed most of that nation's leaders many of them trying to negotiate an end to the civil war that has caused so much death and misery to the populace, bomb fragments proved conclusively that it was an American made bomb. Since when are we supplying armaments to the Saudis? All the 9-11 perpetrators were Saudis, so how come they are our new best friends?

We elect our representatives to represent our values and run our government concerns sensibly, not run up a gigantic national debt and give/sell massive amounts of armaments to other countries to wage war, not only betrayal. It garners hate against the U.S.

I have always admired your firm stand against the rising deficit and national debt. Why have you changed and are meekly going along with the ballooning deficit and debt that could be one trillion dollars more for 2018?


East Manchester Township