LETTER: Nasty politics hurt all Americans


Why can't people get along, despite their political differences? I've heard this question countless times. Let me attempt to answer.

In reality, it is about whom we are. What kind of leader do we want: one without a moral code; who bullies his friends and enemies; who makes fun of people with disabilities; who accused Democrats of TREASON because they did not applaud when he said something GREAT during his fabricated State of the Union Address; who ignored Congress passed sanctions against Russia, who DID interfere in our election, by not enforcing those sanctions; a man who lacks compassion or empathy for anyone; who says one day, "I LOVE DACA", and the next day says, "No wall, no DACA", seemingly not caring at all about the plight of DACA recipients; a man who taunts North Korea by saying his nuclear button is bigger; a man who systematically tears down our safeguards like the EPA; A man who is opening up our national treasures of land to corporations who will pillage an plunder OUR land; a man who championed a tax cut, primarily for himself and his rich cronies?

Why push a tax cut when we need revenue for our failing infrastructure? Whose family will be crossing the next bridge that collapses? Who will be on the next train that has not installed the equipment Congress mandated years ago.

This transcends politics. This is about our national security, and our childrens future. It is about what is right or wrong for this country. So don't give me the "let's get along despite our political differences speech.” We must return to a good moral place where we strive to make all American lives better, healthier, fairer, safer, easier, and equal. We must eliminate mean and nasty policies that hurt Americans.


Springettsbury Township