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LETTER: More press needed on leaders like Voni Grimes


I did not know York advocate Voni Grimes, although I now wish that I would have. It was my loss based upon the accounts in local media, including The York Dispatch.

Voni Grimes is a York City resident and activist who who believes that the wounds from the 1969 city race riots has had time to heal and change has started. Grimes sits on the Lillie Belle Allen memorial bench located at Farquhar Park. July 15, 2009. Randy Flaum photo

I know that I would have liked him and learned from him. We have too few people who are, as Mayor Michael Helfrich said, "ambassadors of peace."

Perhaps we need more press about leaders of social justice like Mr. Voni Grimes while they are still with us. We can learn much from the "ripples in the pond" that he created. He did not let the negatives of his life define him. Instead he fervently went about trying to make our community and our country better places for all of us.

My challenge to our local press is to publicize less of the bombastic and self promoting "national and state leaders" and more of people like Mr. Grimes.

He did not spend his precious time on earth tweeting venom and deprecating others on a daily basis. He was not pumped up with his own self importance. Instead he went about his business of building up and not tearing down.

God bless Voni Grimes and those who labor quietly and passionately behind the scene. When we lose people like him we have truly become poorer.


Windsor Township