I appreciate your recent opinion essay submitted by Dr. Mary Barnes. It was right on the mark regarding Rep. Scott Perry. I wholly support her views.

Perry's ridiculous claim that the Las Vegas shooting had an ISIS connection is baseless. The shooter was troubled and had too many guns. If Perry would support sensible gun control laws, there would be less shootings.

Yes, we witnessed Perry with his Freedom Caucus associates trying to de-legitimize the Mueller investigation. Such attacks are divisive and dangerous to our national security. As a military officer, Perry took an oath to serve, defend and protect our security and follow the Constitution.

Doesn't look like his oath serves us.

Fallacious innuendos by Perry are disgraceful and without merit. Too even suggest terrorist infiltration from our southern border is only his support for our lame brain president's proposal for a $25 billion border wall.

Perry is no fiscal conservative if he supports wasting taxpayer dollars on such foolishness. Security is important, but there are better alternatives. Border crossings are lower than they have ever been. Any practical person can see there is no justification. Such a wall proposal is only to appease our president's ego.

Good sensible representation from our district is needed that represents the diversity of our district not just "Patriots For Perry.”


Penn Township

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