LETTER: Indivisible York condemns Trump’s comments


Indivisible YORK believes in the inherent dignity and equality of all peoples throughout the world. We therefore condemn Donald Trump's racist and demeaning comments. He does not speak for the majority of Americans who are proud immigrants or descendants of immigrants who came to fulfill the American dream.

CASA lead organizer Laila Martin of Harrisburg displays a sign during an Indivisible YORK rally at Continental Square protesting immigration laws Friday, Dec. 1, 2017. Bill Kalina photo

We thank Senators Bob Casey and Pat Toomey for their prompt responses to Trump's comments. We particularly commend Bob Casey for correctly calling out Trump's words as wrong, hateful and divisive, while reminding us that America is better than that.

We call out Representative Scott Perry for his silence. His lack of response raises questions re why he failed to say anything and we further note that his silence is a tacit approval of Donald Trump's racism.

As a result of his silence, the 800 members of Indivisible YORK ask if we truly want to be represented in Congress by a man who will not denounce racism nor call on Donald Trump to apologize to the American people and the citizens of the countries he defamed.

Indivisible YORK Leadership Team