LETTER: Ice Arena situation stinks


After reading David Weissman’s two stories (Jan. 18) of ineptitude and good old boy chicanery at the (York City Ice Arena) rink it strikes me that one name stands out like a drum major.

York City Ice Arena: 'Problems from day one'

Internal emails detail scope of York Ice Arena investigation

Coach Mike Cleveland, of New Cumberland, guides the York Devils under-18 ice hockey through a team practice at the York City Ice Arena in this 2007 file photo. Cleveland was also the general manager of the arena, but was fired in August 2017. (Dispatch file photo)

I wonder how one of York’s largest contractors managed to survive the leadership of the guy who admits to steamrolling the rink project. Spinning tales of promotions, ads, revenue projections, etc., only to drop the sack on the city and move to another shiny prize. Taxpayers can cover this!

No accountability or culpability — just hire a friend and continue — nothing to see here!

And the movers and shakers shuffle the chairs at the club, or stadium, or boardroom.

A cluster by any other name would smell as bad.

Or did I just misinterpret the material?


Washington Township