LETTER: RADAR bill is a money grab


A friendly reminder to state legislators: 2018 is an election year, and we ARE paying attention to your votes.

You must vote NO on state Senate Bill 251, authorizing RADAR for municipal police in Pennsylvania. SB 251 is anti-driver and anti-safety legislation.

Ninety-seven percent of the driving public operate their vehicle safely. There is no speeding crisis. There’s a highway engineering crisis: failure to follow Pennsylvania law regarding posted speed limits.

Ninety percent of posted speed limits in Pennsylvania are 8 to 16 MPH below the safest speed, according to a Federal Highway Administration study, making it easy to ticket (steal money from) motorists who drive the 85th Percentile Speed, the speed at or below which 85 percent of vehicles travel, which is the safest speed. Yet the safety lobby repeats the falsehood that everybody speeds in order to put RADAR guns into the hands of the armed tax collectors.

Every police traffic report requires three entries for “cause of accident,” and “excessive speed” is almost always listed as one of the three whether the driver was actually speeding or not: it’s a throw-away entry. This allows NHTSA et al to manipulate the numbers to raise the roof about all those maniacs slaughtering people on the highways, which is a lie.

RADAR is not about safety, RADAR is about raising revenue. RADAR guns are notoriously inaccurate, for instance, clocking trees at 90 MPH, and being unable to distinguish between cars. And claiming that the ticket money doesn’t go to the government is a red herring: it adds up to a lot of money in the end.

RADAR guns will only raise money, they will not add to safety.

Don’t give RADAR guns to local police. VOTE NO on SB 251.



Member of the National Motorists Association