LETTER: Senator Leach should apologize, hand over power


In his cavalier response to multiple allegations of initiating inappropriate sexual discussions and groping young female staffers, State Senator Daylin Leach, D-Montgomery County, incited further harm.

Leach attacked the integrity of his accusers, minimized the egregiousness of sexual harassment in the workplace, and portrayed himself as the real victim. Leach asserted that he would like to go back to being an aggressive champion of women’s rights, but the next day he further attacked one of his accusers by calling her a liar, a fabricator, and a “horrific monster” on social media.

With the majority of sexual harassment cases being unreported and 75 percent of women who report harassment in the workplace facing retaliation, Leach should embrace the opportunity to make a real stand for women’s rights. I would call on Leach to abstain from abusing his position as a legislator, apologize to the women he harmed, and listen to calls by the governor and his fellow lawmakers in Harrisburg to hand over his position of power.