LETTER: Mike Helfrich is mayor, should remain mayor


Mike Helfrich is mayor and should remain mayor. This man fought a long battle to become mayor. His service to the community has been outstanding since his days of initiating a Codorus Creek clean-up drive, single-handedly at first. His service on city council was stage two in his quest to make York a better place in which to live.

Now stage three in Mike Helfrich’s pursuit for a better York is taking office as mayor. How many people, after losing the primary to a two-term incumbent, would launch a campaign to run in the general election and win? Now this puts him in position to launch his city improvement plan.

To those who wish to oppose Helfrich’s eligibility to hold this office due to an early-in-life criminal offense: forget it. This question has already been settled in a previously adjudicated ruling. Also, to some current council members: I challenge you to explore whether your motives are driven by genuine interest in your constituents or by personal opinion.

To those who wish to take Helfrich’s eligibility to court: you may not have liked the results of the election, however enough people overrode you. This is what happens in an election. Someone wins, and someone loses. Don’t put your personal agenda ahead of the betterment of York.

Mike Helfrich was the winner, so Mike Helfrich is mayor. The people have spoken. I am sure he will be a champion for the advancement of York City and will make residents proud to say they are Yorkers.


York City