LETTER: The only solution is to get rid of guns


Kudos for the Nov. 8 op-ed, Enough with useless thoughts and prayers. Shira Goodman got it 100 percent right. I love my country. I served four years in the military and fought in a major war. The way the country is going now makes me mad and sad. On Oct. 1, 59 innocents were murdered in Las Vegas. November 5 saw 26 beautiful lives ended in Texas. This shooting madness must end.

The only solution is to get rid of guns. Amazingly, the NRA is so powerful politically that to defy it makes most politicians spineless.

In Australia in 1996, a gunman killed 35 Australians. That did it for the Australians. The government instituted a buyback of certain guns plus a ban on buying them. The country has not had a mass shooting since then.

The Las Vegas shooter attached a "bump stock" to his regular semi-automatic gun and got off 100 shots a minute. Our government's ATF categorizes a "bump stock" as a "firearm part" not subject to the regulations that apply to automatic weapons.

In Texas a semi-automatic Ruger AR-15 was used which can be purchased at any gun shop. This gun can only shoot one shot at a time but it can still kill people.

Most people say such destruction can never happen to them. That is probably what the poor souls in Texas said after the Las Vegas tragedy. I don't go to group events. I think good folks of York should think about it when they go to a ball game or church.


Spring Garden Township