What happens in Lancaster, happens in York, happens in Bejing. And when it comes to air quality, Lancaster hits the top 25 worst cities by the American Lung Association in one category.

It was with great joy, with so many of my Christian brothers and sisters and people of varying spiritual backgrounds or none, joined hands to defend the Earth which we consider sacred. As an engaged Buddhist, to join and be arrested with such courageous people was indeed an honor. And the Adorers of the Blood of Christ sisters and their outdoor chapel, they too are a shining light on a hill. In a Citizens United world, some are standing up to the corporations that not only buy the government, or as Scott Pruitt at EPA and his crushing of that agency might indicate, corporations are the government. Climate change is an issue that requires such courage for one has to see the world for the way it is, not how we wish it to be.

The acidification of the ocean which can no longer hold the mass of carbon, accelerated species extinction, wild fires growing exponentially larger, octopus swimming in south Miami parking garages, massive hurricanes crushing Puerto Rico and massive damage in the U.S., global flooding, mass migration from Sub-Sahara Africa destabilizing Europe and becoming fodder for groups like Isis, Climate change may be the greatest moral choice we have to make today. Dr. King went to jail, Ghandi went to jail, Jesus went to the desert, Mohammed to a cave, Buddha lived, died and awakened in nature. It is time to stand up.


Glen Rock

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