LETTER: Trump is rotten to the core

York Dispatch

I have always thought I could find some good in just about everybody. I do believe all of us are basically rotten, but most people can at least control their rottenness to some extent and show compassion for others.

I believe Donald J. Trump is the first person I have encountered that I can say without question is rotten to the core. His personality disorder apparently prevents him from showing any empathy or concern for others, so he can make terrible, hurtful comments about other people and have no regrets. His inability to apologize for mistakes or ask for forgiveness are sad reminders of a man trapped in a mind devoid of true emotions of love, empathy, concern for others, etc. He cannot care for others because his mind will not let him. He sees only himself and how he is treated and does not have the mental capacity to put himself in someone else's shoes emotionally.

Trump's handicap does not allow him to understand how other people can show love and concern for those who are hurting or are being unjustly treated. His reaction is to label concern or love as a sign of weakness. He became a bully because of his handicap and continues to act as a bully today because he has no capacity to understand or feel the pain of the person being bullied.

Trump is a cold, empty shell of a human being and should be removed from the presidency as soon as possible.


Lebanon, PA