LETTER: The real ‘war on facts’


It seems every other day your newspaper makes a point of attacking President Trump and other Republicans. You can almost set your watch to it.


When you begin an editorial piece lauding the fact that you don't see "eye to eye with Rep. Scott Perry" and you've been "quite critical of the Dillsburg Republican," I think it's safe to say that your bias is clear and your claims of political neutrality are a joke. You've literally become a public relations wing of the Democratic party. Your latest missive, The GOP war on facts (Aug. 9), attacks Perry for co-sponsoring a bill to cut the budget of the Congressional Budget Office, which has made faulty estimates to the tunes of hundreds of billions of dollars. Who pays the price for those mistakes? Taxpayers.

The real "war on facts" comes from a media that selectively picks and chooses the facts that support your political viewpoints. Then you routinely attack Republican elected officials in your editorials.

Perry has co-sponsored hundreds of bills, including those that protect crime victims, save taxpayer dollars, help small businesses and protect the environment. Many of these bills have bi-partisan support. But we never read about that in your paper.

A million new jobs have been created since President Trump came into office, with wages and consumer confidence rising. He wants to simplify the tax code for all of us. But instead, you run yet another wire story on the Russia "crisis" or cover the endless protests taking place while the rest of us are at actual jobs.

The real war on facts is that you choose to present only one side of them. More of us are catching on to that reality every day and your industry will continue to lose readers because of it.


Lower Windsor Township