LETTER: Handsome couple made our day


When you’re in your 80s, there’s not too much fun going on anymore to add more zest to our lives, so I’ve been decorating my walker the last two years. I meet a lot of nice people because of it.


Aug. 16 was a very special day in the lives of my husband and myself. Not only was it our 59th wedding anniversary, but our son Steve’s 55th birthday. He, his wife and our granddaughter went to South Carolina. Alone, we decided to dine at Cheddar’s restaurant. To my decorations I added a sign: Married 59 years and counting.

We enjoyed all the congratulations received from it. A handsome family sitting near us brought me to tears by their anonymous act of kindness, which we only found out about after they left the restaurant. They paid for our delicious meal.

Hopefully they see this letter so we can tell them how much we appreciated their thoughtful kindness. Thank you, thank you, thank you and God bless you always. You made our day.


Spring Garden Township