LETTER: 'Fine people' at rally?


There were some "fine people" at the Charlottesville Unite the Right rally crowd, according to Donald Trump. That's an excuse, I guess. As "fine people," they possibly did not know that it was organized as a white nationalist event. It was dark outside, so they possibly did not understand that hundreds of men and women carrying burning torches might be trying to intimidate and frighten people in the proven KKK style. It was noisy, so the "fine people" might not have heard the hate-filled anti-Semitic yelling. The mob was moving at a good pace, so they possibly didn't notice the pro-Nazi placards. "Fine people" can be oblivious to language in-between the lines.

In this photo taken Friday, Aug. 11, 2017, multiple white nationalist groups march with torches through the UVA campus in Charlottesville, Va.   Hundreds of people chanted, threw punches, hurled water bottles and unleashed chemical sprays on each other Saturday after violence erupted at a white nationalist rally in Virginia.  (Mykal McEldowney/The Indianapolis Star via AP)

There were some "fine people" in Dachau, Germany, a quiet little town outside of Munich, in the 1940s. When the Americans came, those "fine people" were forced to walk through the concentration camp which the Nazi SS built at the edge of their "fine" town. The "fine people" wept in shame and embarrassment and claimed that they didn't know. But, they never questioned the arrivals of all those Jewish prisoners. "Fine people" never smelled the stench of smoke from the cremation furnaces. They never heard the screams of the tortured. The "fine people" did not see, did not smell, did not know because they decided not to see, smell or know.

The "fine people" were afraid. If they did not speak out against the SS, they thought they would be safe. After all, the "fine people" weren't Jews, were they? Let the Jews look out for the Jews; let Dachau look out for Dachau. Look the other way, or, if necessary, join the Nazi march. Later, you can assert ignorance because "fine people" would never silently condone hate, prejudice, bigotry and unfathomable brutality.

Or would they?


Springettysbury Township