LETTER: Applaud Perry's stance on immigration


I strongly disagree with the recent letter to the editor that criticized Rep. Scott Perry for supporting bills to deny federal grants to sanctuary cities and increased penalties for deported immigrants who try to return to the United States illegally (known as Kate's Law).


I strongly support legal immigration and believe that the millions of immigrants who come here legally make our country stronger. But we can't stand by and watch hundreds of our cities break the law. These cities can't be allowed to pick and choose the laws they're going to enforce. Almost 500 local governments now have some form of sanctuary policies. Worse yet, they receive hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer funds. The Preamble to the Constitution speaks of justice and common defense. Sanctuary cities are a paradox to such ideas.

The laws of this nation are built on citizens with voices who decide to send representatives of their like minds to our nation’s capital. York County and the 4th Congressional District has said time and time again that we want our borders protected and for those that violate the laws to be punished. I applaud Perry’s ability to stay firm on his beliefs on illegal immigration. These beliefs are echoed throughout our Congressional District.


Red Lion