LETTER: Get educated about violence


The recent shooting at the congressional baseball practice is yet another stark reminder that violence is just around the corner. Internet incubation of extreme and bizarre beliefs is a major factor in this but there are others.

The copycat phenomenon has historically been a major driver in spree or mass killings. It’s promulgated by 24 hour news cycles. It’s amplified via social media. A reasonable assumption is that it will grow even more.

Bottom line: It isn’t going away.

Knee jerk “solutions” and political posturing are not going to solve the problem of violence. It is much too complex. Simplistic solutions may be appealing but they are traps for the voting public. They are traps for responsible managers in the workplace.

Being educated about these factors is critical. Making erroneous assumptions puts people in critical condition. Or worse. It also does lasting damage to the organization or facility of occurrence.

The education process takes time: it’s a journey, just like everything else. As a member of the ASIS/NFPA Active Shooter Initiative I submitted this paper: http://bit.ly/2uc1avp. Perhaps it can be the first step on the journey.


Spring Garden Township