LETTER: Editorial hit the nail on the head


Your July 25, editorial, Rep. Scott Perry must step up on climate change, hit the proverbial nail on the head. It’s time for our congressman to stand-up and help find solutions for climate change's impacts here in Pennsylvania and across all God’s creation.

Climate change already impacts our military. From the current sea-level rise causing military installation problems around Norfolk, VA, to the food security issues that are forcing millions to migrate, and increasing violence as people struggle to survive in the majority world.

As part of a conservative moment calling for climate solutions, I share speaking engagements with retired military leaders. Together we have called for an end to the partisanship on climate change. This included recent events with retired Lt. Gen. John Castellaw, USMC, at the Woods Hole Research Institute, and in a D.C. event organized by my ministry, The Evangelical Environmental Network, with retired Gen. Ron Keys, USAF. Both are combat veterans and American heroes who understand the current and future climate change threats to our national security.

However, finding climate solutions isn’t just a military or developing world problem, it’s a Pennsylvania problem too.

Pennsylvania is the epi-center of a Lyme disease increase that has spread over 320 percent geographically in the last few years, thanks to warmer springs and autumns. Asthma rates will increase as well thanks to our current foul air and the increased temperatures from global warming.

However, there are solutions and we urge our congressman to stand-up to the plate and become a co-sponsor of the Republican climate resolution and join the bi-partisan Climate Solutions Caucus. Finding solutions to climate change and its threats shouldn’t be partisan politics but an all-American effort. We and the over 110,000 pro-life Pennsylvania Christians who have supported our ministry are ready to help.


New Freedom