York County coroner: Gun violence should be treated as a public health epidemic

LETTER: Dislikes Dispatch editorial voice


In a recent editorial, you, an apparent Democrat (why else would you be scouring the country looking for anti-Trump garbage to print in your rag), suggested that the president should focus on Russian interference and not on voter fraud. Then you assert that there is no voter fraud and offer a report from some unknown group that there were only 30 instances of  voter fraud in the last election as proof. Are you joking? The states have not released any information so I ask you where did that group get their findings? If you don't think there's ever been voter fraud, I refer you to the Richard Daly era where thousands of dead people voted for him to continue to be mayor of Chicago.

As for the Russian influence on the election, please explain specifically, how the Russians supposedly did this. Let us poor, uninformed and easily duped voters know how we were influenced. Were we brainwashed by the Russians? Or was some true information provided about Hillary? Also, wouldn't you say that the debate moderator, a news person, who gave the questions to Hillary in advance but not Donald, was trying to influence the voters? If the questions were given to Donald and not Hillary, your front page would be filled with that fact.

I always thought that newspapers and the rest of the media was supposed to provide unbiased information and news, but in your editorials, I can clearly see that's not the case.