LETTER: It’s time to change our health system


We have a historic chance to change our medical system which is the most costly of the western world. A significant reason for the outrageous costs of medical treatment is the remuneration given to hospital executives, i.e. $4.9 million annual salary to the CEO of Wellspan, a hospital group in York, PA. Heads of Hershey Medical and Geisinger all have salaries in the millions and a captive clientele of anyone who gets sick or has an accident.

Protesters chant in front of the studios of WHTM-TV in Harrisburg, Pa., prior to the arrival of Sen. Pat Toomey Wednesday, July 5, 2017. Toomey's first appearance in front of a live TV audience was dominated by questions about the Senate's health care legislation that he helped write. (James Robinson /PennLive.com via AP)

Surely, now is the time to exhibit leadership in rectifying this disgraceful situation. The only solution is to treat healthcare as a civic right (like police and fire protection). Why not use the Canadian system as a model?


Manchester Township