Regarding the editorial, Crossing an ideological divide, from June 28:

Even if you’re a climate skeptic/denier, there’s a solution to climate change you should support because it’s in your financial interest to do so.

There’s a proven AGW solution that uses conservative economic principles and will give middle-class and low-income Americans extra cash. It makes fossil fuel corporations pay a tax for polluting our air and gives all that tax money to the taxpayers in equal monthly checks.

It’s called carbon fee-and-dividend. The carbon tax/fee increases annually and so does the amount of people’s carbon dividend checks. Fossil fuels get increasingly more expensive, but if you switch to clean energy, you don’t pay the carbon tax, you just get the dividend money.

So, with clean energy fast becoming as cheap or cheaper than fossil fuels (Fortune, Bloomberg, WEF, USAToday), you’ll save more money each year. That’s projected to increase U.S. GDP $75-80 billion annually and there’s a global domino effect that will make other countries cut their emissions as much as we do (

It will also create over 5 million good-paying, permanent (40-year), local jobs, over 387,000 in Pennsylvania, plus saving over $21.6 billion annually (2 percent of PA’s annual GDP) in medical costs for carbon-caused illnesses (Stanford University’s

British Columbia has used it successfully for the past 8 years where it’s cut emissions, taxes and energy bills (The Economist).

Burning fossil fuels kills over 200,000 Americans annually ( and costs Americans over $866.5 billion annually (Forbes). It cost taxpayers over $1 trillion for climate change disasters (NOAA).

Carbon pricing that rewards consumers rather than punishing them can work, globally, in time to avert the worst effects of climate change, but even if you don’t believe that, you’ll still get your carbon dividends every month.”


Manheim Township

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