LETTER: Wagner articles are too negative


As a member of the unwashed peasant class, I understand my place in society is to keep quiet and let my betters take care of such important tasks as identifying those best at governing. I am however becoming annoyed by the constant negative pieces seen in the local newspapers about a legislator named Sen. Scott Wagner, written, I assume, by my betters.

Regarding what I know about Wagner, I know he was not our local political elite's first choice for office, yet he organized a successful write-in campaign and is now our senator. I see clear thinking, strong organization skills and good staff management and those are characteristics I want in my political leaders.

I know he recognized immediately on arrival in Harrisburg the strong control that special interests had on PA government. He held firm to the idea of putting PA state needs ahead of what special interests wanted. Great!

I know  Wagner was hammered hard when he pushed the idea of reducing funding for the unemployment compensation administration sector of government. This was a management problem several administrations allowed to continue. The point as I see it is Wagner saw a problem and did something about it. Great!

That is exactly the type of behavior I want from my representatives in Harrisburg. So as a common peon, I am OK with Wagner representing me in the Legislature even if at times he is not the highly polished personality some might like to see. But I certainly can understand why folks who have had a hand in running the show up to now are getting a bit concerned.


York Township