LETTER: Perry supports bad policies


Rep. Scott Perry signed two House bills that, like the health care bill, were rushed through the floor and stripped us of an opportunity for reasonable debate. Like Trump, Perry has repeatedly made unsubstantiated claims of mass violence by immigrants in the US. Perry knows that in York, Philadelphia and other cities across the nation, undocumented violent criminals are routinely deported after serving their sentences. I and other immigrant advocates, who met with him, support this policy, we don’t want violent criminals in our cities or country! Perry knows that the FBI has repeatedly reported that US citizens are more likely to cause violent crimes than undocumented immigrants.

A die-in is staged by anti-Trump demonstrators outside of Congressman Scott Perry's office in Springettsbury Township, Thursday, May 11, 2017. Dawn J. Sagert photo

Perry also heard from attorneys Steve Converse and Troy Mattes that ICE is guilty of racial profiling, stopping brown people without probable cause or legal warrants. And Trump’s policies of mass deportation hurt families and the economy, since 2001, ICE spent $201 billion, more than all federal law enforcement agencies combined!

Perry admitted to us that “our immigration system is broken … what we really need is comprehensive reform … I have two full-time staff just working with constituents with their immigration issues.”

Yet Perry continues to follow the Freedom Caucus and party line. And because of this, our communities will be at risk:

• Fruit growers warned him that if the raids continue, they would need to close down, a loss of income of $580 million in our region.

• ICE policies of using detainers (not warrants) create issues of constitutionality because there is no judicial review.

• These bills punish law enforcement for “non compliance” with detainers by withholding grants up to $275 million.

Like Trump, Perry continues to support bad policies that hurt not help his constituents!