LETTER: Health care bill punishes seniors


Most of us have read or heard a lot of material about the Senate’s proposed replacement for Obamacare. It’s easy to lose track of what’s in the replacement. For those of us over 65, there are specific items that would harm lots of us.

Sen. Pat Toomey takes part in a TV town hall in the Harrisburg, Pa., studios of WHTM-TV, Wednesday, July 5, 2017. (James Robinson /PennLive.com via AP)

To begin with, as of right now, the bill would allow insurance companies to charge older Americans up to five time more for coverage than younger people, while reducing the tax credits that help make coverage more affordable. That’s an age tax, plain and simple.

The bill cuts Medicaid funding. What many people didn’t realize is that 42 percent of Medicaid funding pays for nursing home care -- care that Medicare does not reimburse. What will happen to the people in nursing homes when they can no longer pay for that care?

What about Medicare? The bill reduces funding for Medicare. Once funding is reduced the argument for cutting Medicare benefits only grows stronger.

Our healthcare system is in desperate need of reform, but this isn’t sensible, well-thought out change. This bill appears to go out of its way to punish senior citizens. Please join the AARP in fighting it by contacting Sen. Pat Toomey and Sen.Bob Casey to let them know you oppose it.


York City