LETTER: It’s time for climate, energy solutions

Mitchell Hescox
New Freedom

Thank you for your June 7 editorial, Pennsylvania must lead on climate. As Christians, we are part of a growing number of faith-based, bipartisan, and conservative groups dedicated to caring for our children’s health by being good stewards of the earth.

Rev. Mitch Hescox, of New Freedom, talks about his role in preserving funds that help maintain national parks and monuments during an interview near Lake Redman at William Kain Park in Jacobus, Tuesday, May 30, 2017. Dawn J. Sagert photo

Since 1892, scientists have told us that burning of fossil fuels adds CO2 to the air resulting in a warming earth. Over 50 years ago, scientists warned then President Johnson of climate impacts and the “fever” we’re giving the earth, and today every major scientific body in the world acknowledges the reality of human-induced climate disruption.

If left unchecked, CO2 levels will continue to rise beyond the over 400 ppm CO2 that is already 42 percent more than God intended and will continue impacting humanity. Warming temperatures have resulted in melting ice and rising seas, leaving whole villages underwater, and placing US coastal cities at risk. Ocean acidification caused by warmer seas and increased CO2 has destroyed coral vital to ocean food chains that people depend on for life, not to mention phytoplankton, critical to all sea life and provider of one-half the world’s oxygen.

Here in Pennsylvania we experience dramatic increases in Lyme disease, thanks to warmer springs and falls. According to the Center for Disease Control, climate change has spread Lyme disease ticks over 320 percent geographically, and others cite increased asthma attacks as our climate warms.

As Mitch’s 90-year-old former coal miner dad states, “We no longer have the winters we used to have. It’s time to do something about this climate change business before it’s too late.”

It’s time for solutions and even without President Trump, Christians everywhere can work together to build a clean energy future that insures a healthy climate, pure air/water, and an American economy that will provide hope for our kids.


New Freedom