LETTER: Response to critical view of ‘Taps’ letter-writer


I am writing in response to Mr. William Varnell’s letter of May 3 in which he took exception to the views expressed earlier by Ms. Marcy Nicholas regarding the playing of a recording of Taps every evening in Glen Rock by Lt. Corney.


I am not surprised, nor do I find it objectionable, that someone would express opinions contrary to those expressed by Ms. Nicholas. What bothers me is that Mr. Varnell chooses to debate Ms. Nicholas via insults and assumptions questioning her patriotism. Mr. Varnell uses nearly half his published response to criticize, ridicule and denigrate Ms. Nicholas.

I don’t get it. Mr. Varnell states that he is a veteran, and as such, I would make my own assumption and guess that Mr. Varnell believes his service to our country included defense of our Constitution. That would include the First Amendment, which among other things, protects the right of free speech.

Does this kind of intolerance for other people’s views bother anyone else? Does it sound familiar? We hear constant news about the bickering, partisanship and general ineffectiveness of our government, Congress in particular. We seem torn apart by the extreme views held by our representatives on the left and the right. Where is the spirit of bipartisanship that’s necessary in order for a democracy to function?

There is an historical quote of disputed origin that says “In a democracy people get the government they deserve.” Maybe the problem with our government is only a reflection of a deeper problem that starts a little closer to home.


Heidelberg Township