LETTER: A hearty recommendation for Lindy Sweeney


On May 16, the citizens of Glen Rock, Shrewsbury, New Freedom, Railroad, Jacobus and Loganville boroughs and the townships of Shrewsbury and Springfield are asked to select a new district judge. This is a very important position for, in the district judge court, most legal procedures begin.


Pennsylvania law does not require the district judge to be a lawyer. In fact, almost all district judges in Pennsylvania are not lawyers. However, the district judge must have completed courses in law and pass an examination prior to assuming the position.

Lindy Sweeney is one of the candidates for the office of district judge. She has completed all the requirements for the position and received the Magisterial District Judge Certification in 2004 and again in 2017. Thirty-four years as a paralegal with a private law firm in York has given her a sound background in common law.

She is funding her campaign in its entirety so as to avoid any conflict of interest when hearing cases. She has stated she will not accept a government pension.

As judges are able to do, she will be on both Republican and Democratic ballots. I heartily recommend members of both parties vote for Lindy Sweeney on May 16.


Former county treasurer,

Shrewsbury Township