LETTER: York Coroner endorses Sunday for DA

Pam Gay, York County Coroner

Since meeting Chief Deputy Prosecutor Dave Sunday in early 2013, I never once doubted his commitment to high ethical standards. He has consistently had the courage to do what’s right, even in the face of adversity, and that quality especially is what makes him an excellent leader. 

York County District Attorney candidate Dave Sunday speaks during a debate with fellow Republican candidate Jonelle Eshbach, center, while moderator and York Rotary Club Chair Mike Summers looks on during the York Rotary Club meeting at Country Club of York in Spring Garden Township, Wednesday, April 12, 2017. Dawn J. Sagert photo

Dave proudly served his country in the U.S. Navy, worked while attending law school, and has spent the last eight years in the District Attorney’s office, repeatedly exhibiting his leadership skills above and beyond the call of duty. He brings out the best in those around him. 

 For the past 3 ¼ years, Dave Sunday and I have worked together almost daily in the fight against the heroin/opioid epidemic that has invaded York County and the communities around us. And while we’ve had drug issues (including heroin) for many years now, in the entire history of this county, we have never seen an epidemic like this. It is the biggest threat to our community and our families – in multiple ways. 

 Dave Sunday had the foresight to see that threat, and he had the courage to stand with me in raising awareness and uniting a core group of volunteers and organizations into what is known as York County’s Heroin Task Force (HTF), now known as the York Opioid Collaborative (YOC). He brought in leaders and experts from multiple disciplines, and has enabled average citizens to become empowered in their own communities. Much good work has been done in our county by the HTF, with much still to do, and it was always our vision that the YOC would continue that work and live on, no matter who the District Attorney or Coroner were. Now under Dr. Matthew Howie’s leadership, it will.

 Dave and I have personally worked with many families affected by this epidemic, reassuring them that justice would be sought in their loved one’s death when possible. We've spent countless volunteer hours with our HTF colleagues out in our community (after our normal workday) educating the public and helping connect families to resources. This has become not just our work, but our life, as the opioid epidemic has infiltrated most every aspect of the criminal justice system – gun crimes, thefts, child abuse/neglect, homicides and more. Our offices are consumed with the caseload of these crimes and the aftermath of this epidemic. 

 It makes complete sense then, to me, and many in our community, including  much of our county's Law Enforcement, that based on his knowledge and current real world experience, especially with the heroin/opioid crisis, that Dave Sunday is the DA candidate most qualified to continue to lead the fight against illegal drugs and their associated crimes. Please join me in affirming that this is the leadership we need by voting Dave Sunday for York County District Attorney on Tuesday, May 16. 


York County Coroner