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LETTER: Consider William Pero for N. Codorus Twp. supervisor


'We the People’ have the power to improve things, but we must participate to make that happen.


Local elections are more important than ever, but to be responsible citizens we must educate ourselves. Find out what experience candidates bring to the table and how they have contributed to our community in the past.

If you are voting in North Codorus Township, prayerfully consider voting for William Pero for supervisor. He has 28 years of leadership experience in volunteer emergency services and is used to running businesses with budgets. Because our community and our world are changing rapidly, we need a fresh perspective helping us prepare for the future.

Each of us needs to participate in the decisions that affect us and our community, so please make it a priority to become well-informed about the candidates and cast your vote on May 16.


Sonnewald Life Institute

North Codorus Township