LETTER: Glen Rock resident, veteran in support of 'Taps’


In response to Marcy H. Nicholas' opinion, "Taps" advocate playing 'patriotism card' (April 26): First, you state that you are not a resident of Glen Rock.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017--Joshua Corney stands near the elevated speakers behind his Glen Rock home. The speakers amplify the playing of taps each night as a tribute to troops. The active-duty Navy sailor is at the center of a controversy as some residents object to the practice. Bill Kalina photo

So, you have no horse in this race!

I suspect that you have very little respect for those that have died for you to have the right to express your disdain for patriotism. I would also guess that you are one of those that sit during the "National Anthem" and don't believe that our children should have to learn the Pledge of Allegiance.

You have not served your country by joining the armed forces and writing a blank check for your life to defend this great country. If you had, you would understand why Lt. Corney exercises his right to free speech by showing his respect to his brothers in arms that have died for this country. Is it patriotic?

Yes it is and anyone who "takes a knee" should be ashamed!

This has nothing to do with Lt. Corney being a councilman. It has everything to do with honoring the fallen soldiers. Your comments about cars and chemicals on your property is a bit misguided as these things are safety hazards.

Fifty-seven seconds of a less-than-3-minute song is a small gesture compared to giving one’s life for their country. I do live in Glen Rock and frequently when we have guests in the summertime, everyone comments how nice it is that this show of respect is given to our fallen comrades. I am a veteran myself, and stand in respectful silence when I hear this played no matter where I am! I would venture a guess that most people don't even know the lyrics to "Taps."

I stand in strong support for the continued playing of "Taps" by Lt. Corney.


Glen Rock