LETTER: No proof of Trump's wiretapping charge


Donald J. Trump has stated that over the next two to three weeks interesting information on former president Obama’s alleged surveillance of his campaign will come out. My advice to Donald Trump is the same as given to the mouse in the old parable of the mouse, cow and hawk: If you are full, happy and content, even if you are up to your ears in manure, you should keep your mouth shut or it could get you in trouble.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a campaign event in April.

Let’s say you live in the state of Caucasian, and the state police of Caucasian are surveilling a local drug cartel. One night the head of the cartel is out to dinner at a restaurant, and the police are listening. The governor of Caucasian walks in and shakes hands with several people, even the head of the cartel. The police will not stop surveillance of the drug dealer just because the governor shook his hand and talked to him. So whether he just said hi, was offered a bribe or hired a hit man, the governor will be on the surveillance tapes.

The bottom line is that there was no surveillance of Trump or Trump Tower. Trump and his surrogates will only show up on surveillance tapes of Russian spies talking to Russian spies. For the last 50 years or so it has been common knowledge that anyone working for the Russian government is assumed to be a spy. If Trumps continues to push this issue the most likely outcome will be further embarrassment to Trump and his people. As it will most likely show there is more and more inappropriate contact between Trump surrogates and Russian spies.

The simple solution to this problem is, if you do not want to be surveilled, do not talk to people who are being surveilled.


North Codorus Township