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LETTER: Dave Sunday has my vote


David Sunday cares about York County, and he cares about people.

York County chief deputy prosecutor Dave Sunday makes a point while appearing on a panel with York County Coroner Pam Gay during a public hearing called "Heroin and Opioid Addiction, Treatment and Recovery" at the Yorktowne Hotel Tuesday, August 18, 2015. The hearing was sponsored by Rural Pennsylvania, a legislative agency of the state general assembly.
(Bill Kalina photo)

We read, every day, about the heroin epidemic in our community; how it’s negatively affecting our families, our towns, our welfare.

I have had the honor to know, and call David Sunday, candidate for York County DA, my friend. We met at a Heroin Task Force meeting in November of 2014. I criticized him because the system wasn't working.

Dave heard me, just a mom, fighting the system to save her child. He swiftly took action to assist my recovering, heroin-addicted daughter in getting a second chance at life.

No handouts, he expects her to hold up her end.

Today, because of Dave, and his dedication to the Heroin Task Force, my daughter is living a full life, working full time, paying back her debt to society, and taking full responsibility for her actions.

I am indebted to David Sunday, for he has made such a difference in our lives.

Politics is full of shameful deceit, cutthroat people, greed and self-serving individuals.

Dave Sunday is different. Dave is a stand-up guy, with backbone. He puts the people first, is relentless in doing the right thing, and doesn't fall prey to the deceit, and backstabbing that is so often the culture of the political arena.

He's got my vote!