LETTER: Listen to high-schooler Zoe Prats


Time is running out on climate change (March 7, Opinion, Zoe Prats) highlights the fact that while some of our elected officials in Pennsylvania and Washington continue to deny the scientific reality of global warming, many Americans are already feeling its impacts in our health, our homes and our wallets.

Zoe Prats Climate Change Cartoon

As a father, I know that when one of my children is running a fever, denial will not solve the problem, only smart, responsible action will, the same kind of action we need to face up to the climate challenge and take needed action to protect America’s public health, economy and national security from the impacts of our warming world.

It’s time for all of America’s parents and politicians to listen to high-schooler Zoe Prats and join arms to protect our America’s most precious resource from the harmful impact of climate change: our nation’s children.


Clime-It communications and marketing officer,

New York City