LETTER: Another shopping center in Springetts?


What? Another shopping center in 2017 at East Market Street and Mount Zion Road in Springettsbury Township?

The rezoning proposal for East Market Street and Mount Zion Road was discussed at the Springettsbury Township Board of Supervisors meeting on Thursday. Photo Christopher Dornblaser.

A 2012 PennDOT report indicated East Market Street between Harrison Street and Mount Zion Road was ranked in Pennsylvania’s top five percent for safety concerns. A crash data report from PennDOT revealed 169 crashes between 2007 and 2011 on this short stretch. Transportation planners say East Market Street remains one of the top safety concerns in York County.

What motivated our governing bodies, the York County commissioners and Springettsbury supervisors, to approve this third controversial rezoning of the East Market Street/Mount Zion Road corner for another shopping center?

Springettsbury Twp. votes to rezone Market St. intersection

The advantage I find is for the township to collect additional tax dollars. However, this project may generate a negative economic impact on the township and the residents. Road safety will further deteriorate, increasing gridlock, stop and go traffic adds pollutants, stresses vehicle engine and transmission performance increasing maintenance costs and lower MPG adds to fuel costs.

The disadvantages I find for the residents are:

Historical records since 2007 reveal ongoing road safety concerns.

Truck traffic delivering and shipping products will significantly increase gridlock.

Other vehicular traffic visiting this shopping center will likewise increase gridlock.

Vehicular pollutants will diminish air quality and hazardous ozone days will increase.

Increased workloads for police, fire, EMS services, may require adding new hires.

This project will add additional stress to the power grid.

In summer draughts the York Water Co. will encounter additional stress.

These and other negatives will further impact and jeopardize our safety and well-being.

Springettsbury Township does not need another shopping center to increase traffic, aggravate public safety, diminish our air quality and our quality of life. Find ways to improve our public safety and the quality of life in our community.


Springettsbury Township