LETTER: In observance of Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

Harlow Flory
The Arc of York County

March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month and The Arc of York County will be joining hundreds of other chapters of The Arc nationwide to advocate with and on behalf of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Their right to learn, live, and work as they choose must not be ignored. They are our neighbors, colleagues, friends, and family members and we must ensure that they have a fair opportunity to achieve their dreams. While there has been much progress over the years, there is still much to be done. We hope the community will join our efforts and help us raise awareness and promote inclusion and acceptance.

Arc of York County

To help raise awareness, please consider the following:

Invite The Arc of York County to make a presentation to any group or clubs that you belong to, such as service clubs, church groups, or book clubs. We can customize our message to fit each group’s needs.

Take time to talk to your children about disabilities. Encourage understanding, respect, and friendships.

Contact your local legislators and local policymakers to let them know you expect them to promote and enact policies that benefit people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Talk to your employer about their practices for recruiting and hiring people with disabilities. Many employers don’t realize just how much an employee with I/DD can contribute to the workplace.

Support businesses that employ people with disabilities and make sure they know you noticed. Take time to tell a manager how they’ve earned your business.

Follow The Arc of York County on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/thearcofyorkcounty/) and repost our daily updates to your friends and followers.

Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month is our time to make a difference! To learn more about The Arc of York County, please visit www.thearcofyorkcounty.org. Together, let’s change hearts and minds in March.


Executive director,

The Arc of York County