Oped: 'Bare bones Plan B' needed on Mount Rose complex

Warren C. Bulette
Spring Garden Township

Thank you Spring Garden Township Commissioners for listening to the concerned public's comments on the proposed Mount Rose Municipal Complex. The room was packed with about 100 attendees, including standees.

Warren C. Bulette

It was obvious that  the public — faced with a 12.4 percent York County tax increase for 2017 plus the already-approved Spring Garden Township 23.8 percent tax increase, plus a minimum 2.5 percent York Suburban increase yet-to-be-determined, plus an unknown state tax increase — do not accept your additional tax increase to cover the $14 million bond issue for the new Mount Rose Municipal Complex. To service the debt would mean that your  increase in 2017 over 2016 would be 28.2 percent instead of 23.8 percent.

It was eminently clear that the public wants a new bare bones Plan B that is based on using recreational facilities at York Suburban, JCC and other parks; selling the Mount Rose 56 acres to pay for upgrading the police station on Tri Hill Road with resulting annual tax revenue for the general fund; keeping the administration building the same size on Ogontz Street and leaving the fire department where it is. In other words a bare bones Plan B that addresses real safety needs and limits the growth of municipal government by not increasing the brick-and-mortar square footage.

With the Spring Garden tax base and population  in the future remaining essentially flat — with the present compliment of employees providing excellent service — with no real savings in employees identified by consolidating in a new Mount Rose Municipal Complex — with the possible increase in employees to fill the larger complex office space (Parkinson's Law) — a bare bones Plan B is obviously the best long-term solution.

Until the commissioners decide on a plan and the public has voted to approve it on a referendum, which is constitutional, it is common sense to pay architects and professionals for the work done up to this point and put on hold any future payments.

— Warren C Bulette is a Spring Garden Township resident.