LETTER: It’s time to show support


Last year, when a wounded veteran presented Donald Trump with his Purple Heart, Trump said that he had always wanted a Purple Heart. Now, he had one.

FILE - Then-candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally in Hagerstown, Md., Sunday, April 24, 2016. Trump is often vocally critical of the press. (Manuel Balce Ceneta)

Less than two weeks into his presidency, Trump has earned 4 more Purple Hearts. Not for himself, of course, but for the one Navy seal commando who was killed and his three comrades who were wounded during a raid into Yemen.

Trump is proud to tell us how much he supports the troops and how much better he will care for them when they are veterans. The truth is there is little evidence that he cares at all. Apparently, he has paid no taxes for years, perhaps decades. In essence, that means he has not contributed to the support of active duty personnel or of veterans. He has contributed not a penny for their body armor, for their protective helmets, for the food that nourishes them, for the medical care that binds their wounds, for the helicopters that medevac them, for the aircraft that fly them home, or for the caskets in which they are buried.

President Trump, it is time that you show all of us that you have paid your fair share, and if you have not, it is time for you to begin.


Spring Garden Township