LETTER: Doubts about the next four years


Well Trump supporters, you put a tyrant in office. What were you thinking? Voting for such an unqualified, unpredictable person for president of the United States. Such a vulgar man calling women names, making fun of handicapped people, etc.

Maddy Ballard, of Philadelphia, participates in a protest in City Hall's Thomas Paine Plaza, Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2016, in opposition of Donald Trump's presidential election victory. (Elizabeth Robertson/The Philadelphia Inquirer via AP)

Really, is that what you want in a president? I don’t think so.

He has no experience in politics or military, even though he said he knows more about ISIS than the generals. He also said, “If we have nuclear bombs, why can’t we use them?”

That’s real comforting! Trump kept yelling, “Folks, this election is rigged.” Funny that once he won you didn’t hear him say another word about it being rigged!

It was also stated that more men turned out to vote than in previous elections. Just maybe the macho men didn’t want a first woman president.

Well anyway, we have a ticking bomb that will be president. I hope we all live through the next four years under Donald Trump (aka Putin’s puppet). I have my doubts.


Springettsbury Township