LETTER: In support of Joel Sears


As a York City resident, I understand the challenges that are facing the 95th legislative district. On Nov. 8, we will cast a vote to bring change here in York City and our commonwealth.

Joels Sears is a Republican running in the 95th state House District.

For far too long, politicians have made promises to support business, education and economic development. Unfortunately those promises have been broken leaving York City residents no better than they were 10 years ago.

This November, I am supporting Joel Sears for state representative in the 95th legislative district.

As a small business owner, I believe Joel will help to create a better economic environment because he has experienced the devastation firsthand. Joel operates a software design and consulting firm which he founded in 1981. Fleet Technologies used to call York City home until the taxes ran the business into operation out of Joel’s home.

As a grandmother, I understand the importance of education and creating a foundation for my grandchildren and others to grow and prosper. Joel is making education a top priority by revamping our inequitable education funding.

Joel formerly served on the board of directors of the York Suburban School District and the Lincoln Intermediate Unit.

I believe Joel has the experience and knowledge to ensure our students, regardless of school district, receive funding to adequately support their diverse needs.

As a taxpayer, I want my hard-earned money to support our community and not making politicians rich in Harrisburg. Joel will decline all government pensions and healthcare benefits as your state legislator.

I ask my friends in York City, Spring Garden Township, West York Borough and the 1st voting precinct in West Manchester to vote for real change this November. Vote for policies, not politics, and send my friend Joel Sears to Harrisburg to be our voice for the 95th legislative district.


York City