LETTER: Think before you vote


Donald Trump is still a big liar after finally eating his birther words, he then lied that former Secretary of State and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton started the sham. That's Trump, he can lie and won't answer to it.

Donald Trump is critical of the PGA Tour for its decision to take its World Golf Championship event from his Doral course near Miami to Mexico.

Remember the whopper he told. He saw thousands of people cheering when the Twin Towers came down and the hundreds of friends he lost from that tragedy. He couldn't name one. He never attended 9/11 memorial until this year.

This Republican is disgusted with this despicable man that heads my party. Former Sec.of Defense Robert Gates has it right stating Trump "on national security is beyond repair" also "stubbornly uninformed on world affairs and the operation of government." Gates criticized Sec. Clinton, too, but leveled the stinging one on Trump.

Trump won't release his taxes, because he is under audit and his lawyers advise him not to. What is he hiding if lawyers are advising on his taxes?

I don't believe this con man. I believe respected former statesmen like General and Secretary of State Colin Powell, CIA Director and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, and CIA Director and Secretary Gates all whom served honorably both Democratic and Republican presidents are unequivocal that Trump is unfit and unqualified to be president and commander-in-chief.

These honorable men have more confidence in Sec. Clinton with our national security and foreign affairs. Trump began his campaign not to serve us but to enrich and build his empire. When criticized by anyone, he mocks them calling them "stupid" and their policies "disasters."

I'm not enthused about Sec. Clinton but I'm definitely afraid of Trump! If you're a voter, think about it! Will you be responsible for choosing someone so temperamental, divisive and manipulative? I won't!


Penn Township